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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fresh Grilled Veggies & Flowers

Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, premium soil conditioner. Your "Brew it Fresh" 100% natural pure manure tea's , harvested, sun dried, Eco hand packaged for the Container, Patio and Small Home Gardener. A chance meeting with a couple at a big box garden center, Owner and Woman Rancher, Annie Haven, invited the couple to her Southern California Ranch for an introduction to the Art of Brewing Manure Tea.

As the conversation evolved, the couple asked if they could invite members of their garden club to join in (about 15 members) Haven, was happy to accommodate their request under one condition. Everyone that wanted to attend would need to bring something from their garden or something made from their garden.

The picture above shows Haven, reviewing her demonstration table set up. Harvested Manure on right, tea brewing on left and to the far left Roses, Iris with Wisteria vine Greenery. All from Haven's ranch gardens.

Sunday here, the gardeners arrive at the ranch, all carring fresh veggies, flowers, home pressed olive oil and yes, wine!

After the demonstration on the Art of brewing manure tea, it's natural health benefits for the soil and plants root system.

Tables were set and decorated with fresh flowers. The BBQ was fired up, fresh veggies sliced grilled, drizzled in olive oil were enjoyed by all who attended. As we sipped local wine, we enjoyed sharing gardening stories, tips and tricks.

This impromptu, gathering of gardeners was such a success Haven, has had a total of 10 more requests to join in this coming Sunday's class!

Haven, says I can't think of a better way to share the Art of Brewing Manure Tea. It is so good for your soil, plant root system. Another little known secret of Manure Tea. Brew it up and pour it into your organic compost. Yes, that's right, just as manure tea naturally breaks down the soil, manure tea will speed the break down of your organic compost. It's all natural which is what is so wonderful about it!

Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, premium soil conditioner tea's are harvested fresh, sun dried, Eco hand packaged here at my Southern California Ranch, from Haven raised grass fed livestock Only!

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