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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Green Your Charity Fund Raise with Us

Ok, enough with the candy, it's hot outside and I am on a diet. Gift wrapping paper, now I have to buy a gift to use it.
Fund raise, with a gift for the garden and plant lover. For indoor and outdoor plants, please keep Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, premium soil conditioner in mind to raise funds for you organization!
In this economy everyone is "rethinking" how they spend their money!
Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, premium soil conditioner is an Eco friendly garden soil product anyone with a house plant can use. Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, premium soil conditioner, is as green as it gets. Packaged for the Container, Patio and Small Home Gardener, who wish to grow green.
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Live Green by Growing Green

Pure Manure Tea-Proof is in the Bloom

(photo by Becky Reilly)
If there is an ounce of doubt, in your mind that Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew (pure manure) premium soil conditioner, really works?
I hope this picture and others posted on my blog will help answer that question for you!
We designed and Eco package our product line for you. The Container, Patio and Small Home Gardener!
This is your "Brew it Fresh" premium soil conditioner that will have your plants root system, Tippy-Tapping in the soil!
You will be please with the increase in bloom and vegetable yield, your receive. Live Green by Growing Green, join us..
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Monday, May 25, 2009

No More Ugly Plants

Container, Patio and Small Home Gardener's there is no reason for anyone to have Ugly Plants!
Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew (pure manure) premium soil conditioner is Eco packaged just for you. It is your "Brew it Fresh" soil conditioner. Harvested, sun dried, hand packed from Haven, raised grass fed livestock Only!
Now your plants foliage will look as clean and naturally healthy as those in the picture.
To get started, check your plant containers to make sure the plants are not "root bound". Plants need soil and roots need some room, once that is resolved, then you are on to the next step!
Visit read through the pages of our web site, it's straight forward.
You know what you have in your Container, Patio and Small Home garden so you choose Cow Manure, Horse Manure, Alfalfa Tea or try our Sampler Gift Pack which includes one tea bag of each!
Now visit the Store page and order the tea product that you feel is best for your plants (indoor/outdoor) it is safe for all plants and soil types, then place your order.
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Remember-No More Ugly Plants, when you use Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew (pure manure) premium soil conditioner.
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pure Cow Manure is a Soil Conditioner

Cow Manure for your garden soil.

Lets dish the dirt, shoot some Sh_t and talk some
Cr_p about were this all comes from and what it
really does for your indoor and outdoor plants!

Cow Manure, buy it by the bag at the local garden center, haul it in by the pail or truck load whichever way you chose Cow Manure is good for the soil.

Cow Manure, the majority of what you find available on the market today, has come from a livestock yard or dairy, were they have several hundred head of cattle contained in small areas. In order to maintain the health of the livestock in stockyard/dairy, they clean the pens and stock pile the manure (some sell it, some give it away).

That's all well and good, for both you and your soil, no doubt about it!

However; if you are a real Organic grower or someone that really cares about what they are growing and what their plants are growing in, then you should consider getting your Cow Manure from a controlled source, such as, Haven Livestock Producers. Haven Livestock, is raised naturally, grass fed, free of antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides and has been since 1924.

Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, (pure manure) premium soil conditioner, is harvested fresh, from the pastures of Haven raised livestock only, sun dried and hand packaged in 100% Eco-friendly tea bags, right here at the ranch.

For years large natural grower's have come to the Haven Family for the by-product of their natural grass fed livestock, to use as a natural soil conditioner for their vegetable fields and starter green house plants. Grower's brew the premium soil conditioner Cow Manure in large vats (just like you would sun tea). Then water their fields and green house plants with it. Cow Manure is a soil conditioner/soil amendment (not a fertilizer). Cow Manure when brewed as a tea, will not burn your plants or foliage, it works to break down the soil so your plants root base system can more readily absorb needed nutrients from the soil naturally. A Plant with a naturally healthy strong root base system, is able to naturally resist pests, fungus, frost, etc., and will produce more blooms, yield more vegetables and have shinier healthier foliage. Cow Manure "Tea" can be brewed and fed to all your indoor and outdoor plants safely.

As farm land gave way to High Density Housing. Haven's thought their Value Added premium soil conditioner business might be all but lost!

However; that did not happen, a new "Niche Market" of Container, Patio and Small Home Gardener's who wish to grow green, began knocking at the ranch gate.

To accommodate this new Niche Market of green garden grower's Haven, set out to design a package that would allow the Small Home gardener to "Brew it Fresh" and use Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew (pure manure) premium soil conditioner tea in the same way the large natural grower's have enjoyed over the years.
Taking that concept a step further, Haven, photographed here livestock, roses, etc., and built a web site for all Container, Patio and Small Home Gardener's to order Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, premium soil conditioner from! Know what you are buying and where it comes from so you can Live Green by Growing Green.
Easy to Brew, Easy to Use, Easy to Order, Order yours today

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Raised Wood Garden Beds

Well, we do just a few things here at the ranch. Raise grass fed livestock, harvest, sun dry, hand package "Eco-friendly" premium soil conditioner, for the Container, Patio and Small Home gardener. Train horses, rope, fix fence, mow pastures, plant native color gardens and now building Raised Wood Garden Beds!
With 800 board feet of fence to replace, the old Redwood makes for outstanding Raised Wood Garden Beds. So that's what's been going on here this past few days.
No blue prints or plans needed. Becky, fellow horseman drove off the hill from her ranch to join me in the art of laughter, wail playing with power tools. Here's a picture of the first Raised Wood Garden Beds 2' W X 6'L X 11" H we assembled from scrap Redwood fence. The first one took us 1 1/2 hours, the second came in at just under 1 hour. Not bad, I'd say for two Ranch Women turned instant carpenters.
What's Needed:
Lumber of choice (I would suggest for your first Raised Garden Bed, finished size 2' W X 6'L X 11" H)
Lumber List
4- 2" X 6" X 8' Redwood, Pine or Douglas Fir (No treated Lumber) cut 2' off for ends
1- 1" X 2' X 6' Redwood or Pine, this is for the suppot braces for the inside of the bed cut into 10" pieces.
Tools List:
Table Saw, Skill Saw, or Jigg Saw
Drill W/Drill Bit and Philips or Square Screw Head (two drills works best) Not needed if you use nails.
3" and 2" Deck Screws (square heads are best) or 3" and 2" Galvanized Nails your choice
Tape measure
Safety Glasses
Marking Pencil
Wood Clamp
Note: Also 1 husband, wife or real good friend, willing to lend a hand and make you laugh.
Building Raised Wood Garden Beds is easy and should be a fun project!
Once you have finished the Raised Wood Garden Bed, fill with good clean organic soil. Brew it Fresh, a large batch of Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, premium soil conditioner tea and water in well. Allow to set for a day or to so the soil will settle (you may want to add more soil). Now plant you seeds, veggie starters or plants and water them in good again, with another batch of Brew it Fresh, Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, premium soil conditioner tea. Sit back sip some Mint tea and admire your work!
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I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have questions please e-mail Until my next post, Happy Green Gardening and enjoy your weekend.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pure Manure Tea-Gardener's Gold They Say

Good Morning gardeners, reminding you of the benefits of brewing pure manure tea, for all your indoor and outdoor plants.
Pure Manure Tea has been called "Gardeners Gold" for generations. When you "Brew it Fresh" and feed it to your plants, you are following natures steps.
Manure Tea when brewed and fed naturally beaks down the soil so your plants roots can absorb the nutrients they need from the soil.
When your plant's root system is able to absorb needed nutrients, they grow stronger. A strong root system will better support your plant. So the stronger the root base system, the stronger the plant. Strong healthy plants are naturally able to resist pests, frost, etc.
Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew is hand packed in Eco-friendly tea bags for the Container, Patio and Small Home Gardener, from Haven raised grass fed livestock only.
We would love to have you visit our web site, view our product line and Order your's today!
Your plants will love you for it.
If you have any questions please e-mail

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sampler Gift Pack

This Sampler Gift Pack is a perfect gift for the gardener on your list, or first time garden tea brewer!

The Sampler Gift Pack includes

1- Alfalfa Tea Bag
1- Horse Manure Tea Bag
1- Cow Manure Tea Bag

Each Tea Bag brews up 5 gallons of premium soil conditioner tea.

You can brew up 1 - 5 gallon batch, brew 1 long continuous batch (in a small container) by topping the container back off or brew several small batches (allowing the tea bag to hang dry in between brews)

There is no real set rules to brewing manure tea. Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew (pure manure tea) premium soil conditioner. We've made it easy for you to brew and use so enjoy!

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Iris Morning

Another picture of the beauty I am privileged to see as I walk the ranch. Enjoy
We feed them regulary feedings of Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew (pure manure tea) premium soil conditioner.
e-mail any questions you may have about your garden and soil needs to

Morning Walk Around the Ranch

Morning walks are a must here at the ranch. It's important to check the livestock, water troughs and fence lines. This is done before you start your day. What you find on these walks can change your whole schedule. This mornings walk found everything to be just fine.
One of the perks to my morning walks, this time of year, is the beauty of the roses that grace the fence lines around the ranch house! Pretty as a picture they are, the scents they throw are an added bounce!
All of the roses here at the ranch are fed Alfalfa Tea first feeding in Spring, followed in two weeks with a 1/4 to 1/2 cup Epsom Salt (watered in well). Then we start feeding them regular waterings of Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, (pure manure tea) premium soil conditioner. Please Visit Us

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Going Native for Color, Water Conservation and Primitive Containers

Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, (pure manure tea) premium soil conditioner is going Native for color, Water Conservation and Primitive with Container Gardens.
We like to mix it up around the ranch and over the years as we retire one piece of equipment it is set aside to be recycled into something else.
Here is a perfect item for us to start with. Once a 55 gallon drum, converted to a horse feeder and now being recycled once again to a primitive container, for a Native color garden.
Gathering soil from the large corral, I filled the bottom of the horse feeder 3/4 full. I then watered well, planted one Mexican Sage in the back and two Greggii Reds in the front to weep over.
I was looking for a few things when I picked out the plants to fill this primitive horse feeder, now turned garden container.
One: I wanted water conserving/drought tolerant Native plants with color.
Two: I wanted deep rich leaf texture and deep rich floral color, with contrast.
The color would look nice against the primitive, rustic look of the barrel turned horse feeder. Mexican Sage, grows tall, with long gray/green leaves and spear like deep purple flowers which works well as the back of the horse feeder is tall.
The front of the horse feeder is low, so the Greegii Red, with it's small dark green leaf and rich red velvet flower looks good weeping over and should do well in the shade of the Mexican Sage once fully grown.
Now setting with a back drop of Honey Suckle I think it looks really nice. It's truly a Native, Water Conserving, Primitive Container Garden, Loaded with contrast and Color! Beautiful Yard Art! I'll post a picture once it's in bloom.
Lets work on another one next week! Remeber to Brew it Fresh so your plants will look their best.

Latest Producer of Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew

Here is the latest addition to our healthy herd of Manure Producers. Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, (manure tea) premium soil conditioner takes pride in the quality of our livestock.

Grass fed as nature intended!

Visit our Green Garden Product Line of premium soil conditioner tea's

Live Green by Growing Green-we can help!

Mighty Old Oak Trees

It is from the fallen Acorns of these two wonderful Mighty Old Oak Trees (about 300 years old) that I have started all my Oak Trees from. These two Oak Trees stand guard in the front yard of the main ranch house. There is something majestic about them.
I hope you enjoyed my Steps to Raising Starter Oak Trees Naturally and will try it yourself. We need to restore our land by planting Native trees and plants for beauty and water conservation.
Native plants can be grown by Container, Patio and Small Home Gardeners. Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, (manure tea) premium soil conditioner will be sharring some fun planting ideas in our up coming posts. Please join us by Growing Green!

Step Five Raising Starter Oak Trees

This Oak Tree is now coming 7 years old, is about 20' tall. I started it the same way I have shown you in my earlier posts so I know it works. I know the results provide me with naturally healthy Oak Trees that should stand the test of time. I feed this Oak Tree one good watering of Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew (pure Manure Tea) premium soil conditioner once a month through the Summer months only.

Step Four Raising Starter Oak Trees

In this picture you see my starter Oak Trees are 6' to 8' tall. They are now ready to be planted in the ground. These Oak Trees will be the first of three Oak Tree Groves I have planed to re-create in my pastures.
Giving back to the land and providing natural shade for my livestock.
Oak Trees are known to be slow growers. However; starter Oak Trees do grow fast when watered regularly. They are a naturally drought tolerant tree. Once planted in the ground, I will gradually start to reduce the amount of Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, (pure Manure Tea) premium soil conditioner fed to them and let Mother Nature take over.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Step Three Starting Oak Trees

Step Three, transplant into 2 gallon or larger container. I prefer to transplant them into 5 gallon container, making their next transplant into the ground. I continue to Brew and water regularly with Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew (pure manure tea) premium soil conditioner
Oak Tree is about 2' tall here

Step Two Starting Oak Trees Naturally

This is step two, after about six weeks these are healthy Oak Tree spouts about 6" tall! I continue to water well with Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, (pure manure Tea) premium soil conditioner.
You can see the difference between the first pot of soil matter and the soil matter in this pot with the starter Oak Tree sprouts.
The break down of leaves and organic matter was naturally exhilarated by the use of Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew (manure tea) premium soil conditioner.
These Oak Tree sprouts are growing in rich natural soil and doing really well.
Note: Keeping the small starter pots on top of a large container filled with soil helps hold moisture and saves water!

Step One of Starting Oak Trees Naturally

Step one of starting Oak Trees. Carefully gather top soil (never dig soil around/under Oak trees) Oak leaves and Acorns. I mix and put in to recycled pots or recycled paper pots (see
I place several pots on top of a large container filled with soil (helps hold moisture). I keep the pots watered well with Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew (pure manure tea) premium soil conditioner.

Pure Manure Tea Re-Creating an Oak Tree Grove

Haven Ranch in Southern California is always working to maintain our pastures, by taking steps to replace what was once long ago removed. One of the things that was lost years ago, were the mighty Oak Tree Groves that dotted the Murrieta Valley. Now there are some that remain, however there were some, I am sure in my pastures, at on time.

Many of the Oak trees were downed for timber, firewood, etc., some were cleared in order to farm the land(s).

The original name of our ranch, named in the 1800's, was the Dos Encino. This is Spanish for "Two Oaks"! That name came from the two mighty Oak Trees that stand to this day in front yard of the main family ranch home.

Over the past several years I have transplanted the off spring from these two wonderful trees to other parts of the ranch. I've line the fence along the main road and now working to re-create natural Oak Tree groves throughout the pastures. I believe that is how the land looked here at one time.

It will do my heart good to see the cattle and horses once again bedding down in the shade of these natural moisture omitting trees, during the long hot summer afternoons.

I have found that collecting the top soil (no digging) leaves and acorns from under the Oak Trees placing it in containers and watering regularly with Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew pure manure tea, premium soil conditioner, I have young Oak Trees sprouting like weeds. I then transplant in to larger pots. Once the Oak Trees reach 6' to 8' tall, I then plant them in the ground, spaced with full growth in mind!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

When you condition your garden soil with Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, Pure Manure Tea. You will have healthy happy plants, that produce blooms such as these naturally.
Pure Manure Tea
when brewed and fed to your plants, it will conditioner the soil naturally.