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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pure Manure Tea
when brewed and fed to your plants, it will conditioner the soil naturally.


  1. I have found this product to be everything I was told it was. It's so easy to Brew and use. I water my indoor and outdoor plants with it and I have to say they have never looked healthier. I wish I had the land to grow more, I don't but that has not kept me from sharring my house plants with everyone.

    Good luck and thank you for making a true green product that works.

    Best Wishes,

    Jenny-New York, NY

  2. For the Container Gardener this is one of the best products I have found. I live in the city and find it hard to buy Organic Garden Products made for people that love to garden in small areas Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew has solved this problem for me.

    My plants love it and I enjoy brewing it!

    Thank You

    Pat Ramsey-LA,CA