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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pure Manure Tea Re-Creating an Oak Tree Grove

Haven Ranch in Southern California is always working to maintain our pastures, by taking steps to replace what was once long ago removed. One of the things that was lost years ago, were the mighty Oak Tree Groves that dotted the Murrieta Valley. Now there are some that remain, however there were some, I am sure in my pastures, at on time.

Many of the Oak trees were downed for timber, firewood, etc., some were cleared in order to farm the land(s).

The original name of our ranch, named in the 1800's, was the Dos Encino. This is Spanish for "Two Oaks"! That name came from the two mighty Oak Trees that stand to this day in front yard of the main family ranch home.

Over the past several years I have transplanted the off spring from these two wonderful trees to other parts of the ranch. I've line the fence along the main road and now working to re-create natural Oak Tree groves throughout the pastures. I believe that is how the land looked here at one time.

It will do my heart good to see the cattle and horses once again bedding down in the shade of these natural moisture omitting trees, during the long hot summer afternoons.

I have found that collecting the top soil (no digging) leaves and acorns from under the Oak Trees placing it in containers and watering regularly with Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew pure manure tea, premium soil conditioner, I have young Oak Trees sprouting like weeds. I then transplant in to larger pots. Once the Oak Trees reach 6' to 8' tall, I then plant them in the ground, spaced with full growth in mind!

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