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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pure Manure Tea-Proof is in the Bloom

(photo by Becky Reilly)
If there is an ounce of doubt, in your mind that Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew (pure manure) premium soil conditioner, really works?
I hope this picture and others posted on my blog will help answer that question for you!
We designed and Eco package our product line for you. The Container, Patio and Small Home Gardener!
This is your "Brew it Fresh" premium soil conditioner that will have your plants root system, Tippy-Tapping in the soil!
You will be please with the increase in bloom and vegetable yield, your receive. Live Green by Growing Green, join us..
Please visit our web site and order yours today!
Easy to Brew, Easy to Use, Easy to Order, so order yours today.
If you have any gardening related questions please feel free to e-mail us at
Our "Sampler Gift Pack" is a stylish "green giving" gift for that special gardener on your list.

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