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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Going Native for Color, Water Conservation and Primitive Containers

Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, (pure manure tea) premium soil conditioner is going Native for color, Water Conservation and Primitive with Container Gardens.
We like to mix it up around the ranch and over the years as we retire one piece of equipment it is set aside to be recycled into something else.
Here is a perfect item for us to start with. Once a 55 gallon drum, converted to a horse feeder and now being recycled once again to a primitive container, for a Native color garden.
Gathering soil from the large corral, I filled the bottom of the horse feeder 3/4 full. I then watered well, planted one Mexican Sage in the back and two Greggii Reds in the front to weep over.
I was looking for a few things when I picked out the plants to fill this primitive horse feeder, now turned garden container.
One: I wanted water conserving/drought tolerant Native plants with color.
Two: I wanted deep rich leaf texture and deep rich floral color, with contrast.
The color would look nice against the primitive, rustic look of the barrel turned horse feeder. Mexican Sage, grows tall, with long gray/green leaves and spear like deep purple flowers which works well as the back of the horse feeder is tall.
The front of the horse feeder is low, so the Greegii Red, with it's small dark green leaf and rich red velvet flower looks good weeping over and should do well in the shade of the Mexican Sage once fully grown.
Now setting with a back drop of Honey Suckle I think it looks really nice. It's truly a Native, Water Conserving, Primitive Container Garden, Loaded with contrast and Color! Beautiful Yard Art! I'll post a picture once it's in bloom.
Lets work on another one next week! Remeber to Brew it Fresh so your plants will look their best.

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