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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pure Cow Manure is a Soil Conditioner

Cow Manure for your garden soil.

Lets dish the dirt, shoot some Sh_t and talk some
Cr_p about were this all comes from and what it
really does for your indoor and outdoor plants!

Cow Manure, buy it by the bag at the local garden center, haul it in by the pail or truck load whichever way you chose Cow Manure is good for the soil.

Cow Manure, the majority of what you find available on the market today, has come from a livestock yard or dairy, were they have several hundred head of cattle contained in small areas. In order to maintain the health of the livestock in stockyard/dairy, they clean the pens and stock pile the manure (some sell it, some give it away).

That's all well and good, for both you and your soil, no doubt about it!

However; if you are a real Organic grower or someone that really cares about what they are growing and what their plants are growing in, then you should consider getting your Cow Manure from a controlled source, such as, Haven Livestock Producers. Haven Livestock, is raised naturally, grass fed, free of antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides and has been since 1924.

Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, (pure manure) premium soil conditioner, is harvested fresh, from the pastures of Haven raised livestock only, sun dried and hand packaged in 100% Eco-friendly tea bags, right here at the ranch.

For years large natural grower's have come to the Haven Family for the by-product of their natural grass fed livestock, to use as a natural soil conditioner for their vegetable fields and starter green house plants. Grower's brew the premium soil conditioner Cow Manure in large vats (just like you would sun tea). Then water their fields and green house plants with it. Cow Manure is a soil conditioner/soil amendment (not a fertilizer). Cow Manure when brewed as a tea, will not burn your plants or foliage, it works to break down the soil so your plants root base system can more readily absorb needed nutrients from the soil naturally. A Plant with a naturally healthy strong root base system, is able to naturally resist pests, fungus, frost, etc., and will produce more blooms, yield more vegetables and have shinier healthier foliage. Cow Manure "Tea" can be brewed and fed to all your indoor and outdoor plants safely.

As farm land gave way to High Density Housing. Haven's thought their Value Added premium soil conditioner business might be all but lost!

However; that did not happen, a new "Niche Market" of Container, Patio and Small Home Gardener's who wish to grow green, began knocking at the ranch gate.

To accommodate this new Niche Market of green garden grower's Haven, set out to design a package that would allow the Small Home gardener to "Brew it Fresh" and use Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew (pure manure) premium soil conditioner tea in the same way the large natural grower's have enjoyed over the years.
Taking that concept a step further, Haven, photographed here livestock, roses, etc., and built a web site for all Container, Patio and Small Home Gardener's to order Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, premium soil conditioner from! Know what you are buying and where it comes from so you can Live Green by Growing Green.
Easy to Brew, Easy to Use, Easy to Order, Order yours today

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