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Monday, May 18, 2009

Pure Manure Tea-Gardener's Gold They Say

Good Morning gardeners, reminding you of the benefits of brewing pure manure tea, for all your indoor and outdoor plants.
Pure Manure Tea has been called "Gardeners Gold" for generations. When you "Brew it Fresh" and feed it to your plants, you are following natures steps.
Manure Tea when brewed and fed naturally beaks down the soil so your plants roots can absorb the nutrients they need from the soil.
When your plant's root system is able to absorb needed nutrients, they grow stronger. A strong root system will better support your plant. So the stronger the root base system, the stronger the plant. Strong healthy plants are naturally able to resist pests, frost, etc.
Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew is hand packed in Eco-friendly tea bags for the Container, Patio and Small Home Gardener, from Haven raised grass fed livestock only.
We would love to have you visit our web site, view our product line and Order your's today!
Your plants will love you for it.
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