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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Raised Wood Garden Beds

Well, we do just a few things here at the ranch. Raise grass fed livestock, harvest, sun dry, hand package "Eco-friendly" premium soil conditioner, for the Container, Patio and Small Home gardener. Train horses, rope, fix fence, mow pastures, plant native color gardens and now building Raised Wood Garden Beds!
With 800 board feet of fence to replace, the old Redwood makes for outstanding Raised Wood Garden Beds. So that's what's been going on here this past few days.
No blue prints or plans needed. Becky, fellow horseman drove off the hill from her ranch to join me in the art of laughter, wail playing with power tools. Here's a picture of the first Raised Wood Garden Beds 2' W X 6'L X 11" H we assembled from scrap Redwood fence. The first one took us 1 1/2 hours, the second came in at just under 1 hour. Not bad, I'd say for two Ranch Women turned instant carpenters.
What's Needed:
Lumber of choice (I would suggest for your first Raised Garden Bed, finished size 2' W X 6'L X 11" H)
Lumber List
4- 2" X 6" X 8' Redwood, Pine or Douglas Fir (No treated Lumber) cut 2' off for ends
1- 1" X 2' X 6' Redwood or Pine, this is for the suppot braces for the inside of the bed cut into 10" pieces.
Tools List:
Table Saw, Skill Saw, or Jigg Saw
Drill W/Drill Bit and Philips or Square Screw Head (two drills works best) Not needed if you use nails.
3" and 2" Deck Screws (square heads are best) or 3" and 2" Galvanized Nails your choice
Tape measure
Safety Glasses
Marking Pencil
Wood Clamp
Note: Also 1 husband, wife or real good friend, willing to lend a hand and make you laugh.
Building Raised Wood Garden Beds is easy and should be a fun project!
Once you have finished the Raised Wood Garden Bed, fill with good clean organic soil. Brew it Fresh, a large batch of Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, premium soil conditioner tea and water in well. Allow to set for a day or to so the soil will settle (you may want to add more soil). Now plant you seeds, veggie starters or plants and water them in good again, with another batch of Brew it Fresh, Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, premium soil conditioner tea. Sit back sip some Mint tea and admire your work!
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I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have questions please e-mail Until my next post, Happy Green Gardening and enjoy your weekend.

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