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Monday, December 24, 2012

#gardenSanta *<|};-} 2012 Giveaway

 #gardenSanta Gift Giving 2012

Grand Prize: is One PotLifter & Sampler 3 Pack of Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew
Five: Runners up will receive a Sampler 3 Pack of Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew

One Potlifter and Six Sampler 3 Packs of Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew are being gifted to six lucky twitter followers!

If you are on Twitter over the past few weeks you have seen the tweets about #gardenSanta with this little Santa face *<|};-} or at least I hope you have.

Well in keeping with all the fun that has been going on the past several weeks on twitter as we moved in to the Holiday Season I felt (@GreenSoil) that it would only be right to keep the excitement growing right through to Christmas day.

That's where #gardenSant comes into the festivities. 

We thought about doing a Give-A-Way and then we thought it would be more fun to draw names for our list of followers (@GreenSoil) and enter their twitter names into and then let #gardenSanta notify them that they are WINNERS!

Kind of like Santa coming to your house, less the cookies and milk....

So here we go, it's real simple! If you have received a tweet saying "you are a WINNER #gardenSanta *<|};-} has delivered your #gift" all you need to do is DM @GreenSoil to claim your prize!

Congratulations @BirdandGarden you are the #gardenSanta *<|};-} Grand Prize Winner you will receive  One PotLifter & Sampler 3 Pack of Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew

 Runner Ups are:


You will each receive a Sampler 3 pack of Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew 100% natural soil nutrients for your garden and indoor plant soil....

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Across the Country | Gardeners and Gardens 2012

Celebrating Gardeners and their Gardens 
feeding the Soil naturally with Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew

Alabama- Rosarian Chris VanCleave, President of the Birmingham Rose Society, 
author of Cultivating Life & Roses  and Host of Rosechat Radio
Growing and Showing Roses

Bringing Home the Blue

Rosarian- Tina Lovvorn-VanCleave

VanCleave roses collection
Container Combinations fed Moo Poo Tea
Orchids, Bulbs and Terrariums

Orchids, Bulbs and Terrariums

Georgia- Garden Designer Nancy Wallace of Wallace Gardens 
Succulents fed Moo Poo Tea
Pony Tail Palm fed Moo Poo Tea
 Nell Foster- visits us at the ranch
 California- Environmental Garden Designer Nell Foster of Joy Us Garden

Indiana- Rosarian Teresa Byington author of The Garden Diary
her beautiful 'Queen of Bourbon' selected for the 2013 
Teresa Byington- Container raised tomatoes
Teresa Byingtons "Perfect" Potting Shed!

Growing greens- "green" Organic gardener, garden writer 
Carolyn Binder of Cowlick Cottage Farm

At home at Cowlick Cottage Farm

Florida- Gardener, Garden Writer and Illustrator Steve Asbell of  
The Rainforest Garden  and Carolyn Binder
 getting their Moo Poo Tea brew on at Cowlick Cottage Farm  

Washington- Nurseryman, Floral Designer, Container Designer and Speaker Bruce Bailey 
of Heavy Petal Nursery shows off his Hot for Hibiscus fed Moo Poo Tea 

 Bruce Bailey- Floral Design

Bruce Bailey- Growing Tomatoes fed Moo Poo Tea

California- Certified Master Gardener and Horticulturist Geri Miller  

Geri Miller's New on location PopUp! Store 
selling fresh vegetable starts and Moo Poo Tea

We look forward to sharing more gardeners and their gardens with you growing sustainably by conditioning their soil naturally with Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew

Get in on the growing fun place your order today always free S/H

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Gifts | Cyber Monday Presents

Black Friday | Cyber Monday 
Gifts for the Garden and the Garden Lover

I am so honored throughout the year to have such wonderful friends on Social Media and many of them are Garden Writers, Authors and Independent Businesses Owners like myself. So I would like to share some of the wonderful books and products for those of us that love to garden. These are books I enjoy reading and products that I use here at the ranch, home of Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew Moo Poo Tea!

I hope you will join me this year and support Independent Businesses in your home town and here online! Our products can be Stuffed in Stockings and placed under your Christmas Tree and they are sure to bring a smile to those that receive them.

Garden Products

For Rose lovers, Goat Skin Rose Gloves $21.95 from Garden Shoes 

Garden Hoses, in the color of your choice $58.85 by Tuff Guard Hose

Heirloom & Wildflower Seed Gift Baskets $ 24.99 & Up by BBB Seed Company  

Saving Seeds, The Keeper Deluxe Kit $ 39.99 by The Seed Keeper Company  

Garden Boots, from the Casual Gardener collection of Shawna Coronado  

Garden Books Pages of Inspiration

Authors Susan L. Morrison and Rebecca Sweet Garden Up! Smart Vertical Gardening for Small and Large Spaces 

Author,  Chris McLaughlin Complete Idiot's Guide to Heirloom Vegetables

Author, Helen Yoest Gardening with Confidence 

These are just a few of the wonderful garden friends and garden products that I have come to know and trust. It's a pleasure to be sharing them with you. Look forward to more shares from me throughout the Christmas Holiday Season. The Virtual Garden of Social Media has so much to offer!

Don't forget to place your order and Stuff those Stockings with Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew we offer free shipping plus a gift with each order so order yours today!  

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Planting Garlic | Germinating Seeds

I am always happy when I hear from growers and gardeners who are brewing and feeding their garden and indoor plant soil Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew. Where I really find pleasure is sharing the true benefits that my 100% natural Soil nutrients bring to the garden.

Carolyn Binder, organic gardener and published garden writer is farming her urban organic garden and documenting it through her blog site at Cowlick Cottage Farms 

Carolyn's most recent share is the planting of her winter Christmas garlic. Chatting on twitter with Carolyn (@cowlickcottage) she mentioned that she was late in getting her garlic seeds planted. I suggested to her to brew a batch of Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew and soak her garlic seed for 24 hours prior to planting.

  Carolyn's photo soaking 300 garlic seeds in Moo Poo Tea

Carolyn's garlic sprouting on day 4

Carolyn, states in her blog postI am most excited about my crop of Christmas garlic. It was planted at least a month late, but it is looking fantastic. This is third-generation garlic from our little Cowlick Cottage Farm , grown entirely organically. Prior to planting, I soaked it in Moo Poo Tea overnight, and that gave it the energy to burst with life once planted in our rich soil. For more about the benefits of feeding your garden organically, visit my friend and heritage rancher, Annie Haven.

If you want to get your garden started right this season hydrate your starts, sets, and seeds in Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew   prior to planting like Carolyn has done.

Soaking information:
Size:                           Time:
Small seeds                1 to 4 hours
Medium seeds           4  to 6 hours
Large seeds               6  to 8 hours

All bulb type seed and bulbs can soak for 24 hours prior to planting.

Use the manure tea that you soaked your seeds in to moisten the soil prior to planting. Continue to brew and feed Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew throughout the growing season for optimal plant growth, it will increase your bloom and vegetable yield naturally.

Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew is hosting a "Pay it Forward" special to help encourage others to grow naturally!

When you place your order of Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew you will automatically receive one free manure tea bag with your purchase. All we ask is that you share your free manure tea bag with a family member, friend or neighbor of your choice. Place your order today at