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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Common Garden Questions Answered

We are pleased to help shed some light on how you can improve the quality of your garden soil naturally.
Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, premium soil conditioner tea's are easy to Brew and Easy to Use.
We Eco hand package our premium soil conditioner tea's for the Container, Patio and Small Home gardener. You can order our 100% natural soil amendment products online, we ship right to your door so you can Brew it Fresh for all your indoor and outdoor plants.
We have supplied large natural growers since 1924. We accept large grower orders for our premium soil conditioner tea's just contact us by e-mail tell us the size of your garden plot or growing field and we'll package and ship your order.
Here is a link to a side by side test done by a Container gardener and twitter follower I Love Strawberries by she was pleased with our products ease of Use and by her pictures more then pleased with our products results. Our premium soil conditioner tea's will increase your bloom and vegetable yield naturally.
We are extremely excited and will be posting another side by side "video" produced by another customer with in the next few days. His video will demonstrate our products used on tomatoes. Please check back or follow our updates on
View and learn more about our products Easy to Brew, Easy to Use, Easy to Order and wonderful for your garden soil indoor or outdoors!

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