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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Conserve Water Plant Native Color

I just love the look of this old rustic horse feeder as a container for my native color plants. Water conserving native color plants mind you!
These plants are not just adding color to my garden when in bloom either. The leaves range in shades of gray, light to dark greens, yellows, some have variegated leaves as well, so when not in bloom you still achieve shades of color throughout your garden.
I came across a real fun feature I thought would be worth passing along to my readers. Sunset Magazine offers through their online web site a feature titled "plant finder" (located on the left side bar of the Home page).
Through this site you can located Native plants for your zone, before heading to your local garden center. I thought this information is well worth passing on, it is so easy to use. I hope it will inspire you to peak your interest in planting Native Plants for both Color and Water Conservation!
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