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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sweet Tea & Sunday Supper

Sweet Tea & Sunday Supper
A guest post by author Michael Nolan
Here in the south we are steeped in traditions that even we don’t understand at times.  When you order tea for example, it is automatically assumed that it will be sweet.  Even the shortest of words can be drawn out as though they have 3 or 4 syllables and the women are known for the dishes they bring to the church pot luck.
Though I’ve been a fan for most of my life I never really thought all that much about tea until I left the south and sweet tea was nearly impossible to come by.  In much the same way (and forgive me for a potentially gross segue here) I never really made that big a deal over compost or manure tea until I found myself living where I could no longer make the stuff myself.
A few years later (okay, so more than a few) I have the good fortune to make the acquaintance of Annie Haven, the creator and proprietor of “Moo Poo Tea” and though I was more than a bit skeptical at first, I have to admit that it was love at first steep.
Annie’s unorthodox teas are a godsend and even though I now live in a more rural setting where I am afforded the luxury of copious amounts of manure and plenty of room on which to age it, I remember the times when I had no such option and how welcome Moo Poo Tea would have been to my plants back then.
I’m fond of talking shit, and from the the first time we met, Annie and I have talked shit on a regular basis.  She’s  been through enough shit to know her shit and I love that shit!

Michael Nolan, The Garden Rockstar is an author, blogger and speaker on gardening, sustainability, food ethics and homesteading.  He is currently in the process of writing a new guest post on a different site for each day in May. To follow his progress, visit

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  1. I love old fashioned southern sweet tea, the sweeter the better, I love my roses so I'm looking forward to trying Annie's Moo Poo tea on every one of them and I loved your little story about Sweet Tea and Sunday Supper.

    Paul From Alabama