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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Woman in Business | It's All About Soil


Annie Haven
Woman Rancher, Owner
Authentic Haven Brand

Annie Haven, entrepreneur, business owner, author and speaker continues her family’s legacy of farming and ranching while building a company designed to bring 100% natural soil conditioner to the green-minded grower. As sole owner of Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, Ms. Haven oversees every aspect of the company's day to day operations from livestock and land management through harvesting, processing and packaging to sales, marketing, social media and customer service. Her mission statement and her mantra, “it’s all about the soil” guides her commitment to healthy and sustainable living. Her family’s background in the farming industry combined with the unique benefits of soil conditioner tea has made Ms. Haven an influencer in the gardening world.
Annie Haven is available for speaking engagements and other media appearances. 
Woman Rancher raising grass fed, grass finished livestock with pride, producing 100% natural soil nutrients for the health conscious green-minded grower.
Notable Accomplishments:
2 books published (sustainable living)
Featured in the following print media: Garden Up! Smart Vertical Gardening for Small and Large Places, Entrepreneur Magazine, Family Circle, Women’s Day, Ink Magazine, Wallet Pop
Featured in the following broadcast media: CBS Good Morning America (John Sterh, Moneywise)
Established Social Media “Influencer”: Over 8,200+ Twitter “Followers” @GreenSoil
Special Guest to P Allen Smith’s first Garden2Blog event (Sustainable Garden Product)
Press Contact:
Annie Haven –     

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