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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Organic/Natural Soil Conditioner

Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew, premium soil conditioner tea's you Brew Fresh!

Each tea bag brews up 5 gallons of 100% natural premium soil conditioner tea (3 tea bags to a pack)= 15 gallons of premium soil conditioner tea. Easy to Brew, Easy to Use and Easy to Order.

Large Green Growers please contact us, e-mail with your garden plot or field size and we will be happy to package your order specially for you!

It is our goal here at the Haven Ranch to harvest, sun dry, Eco hand package our premium soil conditioner (pure manure) tea's so all Container/Patio/Small Home Gardeners can grow Green just like our large growers do.

Please visit our site to order yours today!

Give that special gardener on your list a gift that will give back. Order our "Sampler Gift Pack" featured above includes One Cow, One Horse and One Alfalfa tea bag. Stylishly wrapped in environmentally friendly packaging again that's 15 gallons of premium soil conditioner tea, you can hold in the palm of your hand!

Have a Charity or Organization you would like to raise funds for. We're happy to help you through the sale of our 100% natural premium soil conditioner tea's. Sell a product that gives back to the buyer and the environment e-mail for more information.

View a side by side I love Strawberries by Enjoy, Order yours today!

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