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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Natural Soil Nutrients Growing Success

Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew is the soil nutrient source the Haven family has used to nourish the soil since 1853. Harvested from grass fed livestock raised free of antibiotics, growth hormones and GMO/GE feed. Conveniently packaged for the home gardener shows growing success across the country, Canada and beyond. Affectionately referred to as Moo Poo Tea you brew it fresh when your plants need that natural root boost.
Derk DeWit of DeWit Garden Tools brews and feeds Moo Poo Tea in Holland
Terri Prado hydrated seeds and fed Moo Poo Tea in her first veggie garden
Northern California garden coach and organic gardener Jennifer Hammer Moo Poo Tea fed pepper harvest
Brenda Addington of The Graceful Gardener shares her beautiful climbing roses fed Moo Poo Tea... Place your order today and start growing naturally tomorrow always free Shipping and Handling naturally!

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