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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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Miniature Roses & The MooPoo Experiment

“Tiddlywinks” Miniature Rose
Back in the dark days of winter, I was dreaming of the warm days of Spring and all the roses that would bloom. My thoughts turned to fertilizer. I have experimented in the past with Alfalfa tea and manure, and had some success. In fact, I have come to prefer it over chemical fertilizers.
“Tiddlywinks” Miniature Rose
I made an effort to reach out to Annie Haven at the Haven Family Ranch in California. She is the “Manure Queen”. Her family has raised cattle for decades and she has been fertilizing with manures for years. She suggested I try what she calls “MooPoo” tea. It is composted manure packaged in a “tea bag”. You just drop the “MooPoo” tea bag into 5 gallons of water and let it steep for about 3 days. Then, just water your roses with it. I ordered some of Annie’s MooPoo and decided that, as an experiment, I would use it only on my miniature potted roses. I wanted to see what, if any difference it would make to only use this particular product.
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