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Monday, June 13, 2011

Guest Post by Annie Haven (@greensoil )

Toiling in the Soil and growing sustainably is not new to me, Social Media on the other hand! hmmm
Well, you have to roll back a couple of years ago when I logged on to twitter and slowly began to meet gardeners. @GetintheGarden, @BetweentheLimes, @SusanLMorrison @SweetRebecca @bwisegardens, @gardenofwords @Suburban_Farmer, @BG_garden and those Bad Weed Band Boys of gardening @GardenWiseGuy @GypsyFarmer and @TeeRiddle. All of them posting beautiful garden blogs sharing the latest blooms and recipes they had growing on. Me, I’m just an Independent Woman Rancher with a 100% natural Soil nutrient garden product line, I harvest from my grass fed livestock, would I fit in? Would they listen to what I knew my Moo Poo Teas could do for the garden Soil (thank you @UniquebyDesign_ for the nick name Moo Poo Tea) as you can see it has stuck.

Well, I’m honored and humbled to say yes, each of these fabulous gardeners made me feel right at home in the garden with them. Chance tweetings on Thursday nights led to #gardenchat started by @GetintheGarden to give us all a place and a time to meet and share what we had growing on. From those early days to now #gardenchat under the direction of my garden gal pal Brenda Haas of #gardenchat has blossomed into the Virtual Garden where Garden Bloogers, Garden Designers, Garden Show Hosts, Garden Product Companies, Growers and the everyday gardener can come share what they have growing on.

Meeting folks in the Virtual Garden of #gardenchat grows daily @agardendiary @Susanhammon

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