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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Versatil Uses of Manure Tea

Authentic Haven Brand is proud to bring our 100% natural Soil nutrients free of antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides to you and the world of gardening. Manure tea has been known as Black Gold and used by farmers and gardeners for many generations. What Authentic Haven Brand has done for you is  develop an all natural garden Soil product line based on consumer demand.

1) 100% natural > Chemical free
2) Environmentally Harvested and Hand Packaged
3) Easy to Brew and Feed
4) Safe for all indoor and outdoor plants and soil types
5) Contents and Packaging is 100% compostable

Now let me share with you the versatility of Authentic Haven Brand shared by gardeners brewing and feeding our Authentic Haven Brand manure teas.

Brenda Haas, has been brewing and feeding Authentic Haven Brand in her greenhouse and gardens for the past two growing seasons in zone 5b Ohio
Pineapple Tomato

Tropical Plants in her Greenhouse
Bruce Baily Where Plants Rock grower and owner of Heavey Petal Nursery in Washington State, has been brewing and feeding Authentic Haven Brand from seedlings on up. He recently discovered while drenching plants for transplanting that Authentic Haven Brand (aka Moo Poo Tea) is perfect for extending the life of cut flowers too. read his post The Magic of Moo Poo Tea   he has also shared this lovely plant with us  being fed our manure tea.

 Nancy Wallace of Wallace Gardens has had tremendous results feeding Authentic Haven Brand read about  her success Bromeliads

Three Months and Still Blooming

Nell Forster owner of and author of Garden Gluttony  blog share on Propagating by Cuttings and feeding Authentic Haven Brand manure teas in her Southern California Santa Barbara garden.

 President of the Birmingham  Rose Society- Chris VanCleave  and author of The Redneck Rosarian  Blog share on the power of Authentic Haven Brand. Both he and his lovely wife feed the Soil of their rose gardens and container plantings regularly with Authentic Haven Brand manure teas
Award Winning Roses "Tiddley Winkes"

Growing indoors with Nicky Fabbrini author of Dirt and Martinis  Blog share on feeding her house plants and now feeding Authentic Haven Brand to her outdoor gardens
One of Nicky's indoor plants

Jan Doble author of Thanks for Today Blog share of her success feeding her indoor house plants
First flowers in three years

These are just a few of the many wonderful pictures and blog articles growers feeding Authentic Haven Brand have shared with me. I am so honored to be growing in the garden with each and everyone of you.

Please visit me Authentic Haven Brand lets see what we can get growing in your garden Naturally that is!

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